The Warehouse Center for the Arts and the Northwoods Photo Club

invite you to enter the

2023 Seeing Our Northwoods Photo Contest



Northwoods Wildlife – $100 first prize professional & amateur; $25 first prize youth. Any wildlife species found in Wisconsin, including all wild mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc. No captive animals.

Northwoods Naturescapes – $100 first prize professional & amateur; $25 first prize youth. Showcase the beauty of Wisconsin’s Northwoods natural landscapes such as lakes, rivers, sunsets, sunrises, forests, etc. People are permitted in these photos but should not be the primary focal point of the photo.

Northwoods Plants and Insects – $100 first prize professional & amateur; $25 first prize youth. Close up shots involving plants and/or insects found in Wisconsin.

Northwoods Recreation – $100 first prize professional & amateur; $25 first prize youth. Photos showing people enjoying recreational activities in the Northwoods.

Iconic Northwoods– $100 first prize professional & amateur; $25 first prize youth. Places, locations, people, architecture, or historical landmarks that invoke nostalgia for the Northwoods.



Category winners will be announced on August 11, 2023 during a public event at the Warehouse Community Arts Center. Food, music, and beverages will be available. Winners who are not present at this event will be contacted within two business days for prize pick up or delivery arrangement. All photos must be picked up by September 2, 2023.


All selected photos are eligible to win the “People’s Choice” award for a prize of $125. Voting will be by adult members (18 yrs+) of the public present during the opening ceremony on July 15, 2023 as well as those who visit the display through August 10, 2023.  The “People’s Choice” award winner will be announced at the event on August 11, 2023.


o  Choose Image from the drop down list.

o  Browse--Select a photo to upload.

o  Add a title—do not include your name.

o  Medium--Photograph.

o  Enter a zero into each of the height, width and depth fields—they do not apply.

o  Artwork for sale--for purposes of this contest, the answer is No.

o  Year completed—Enter year taken.

o  Primary Discipline—Photography

o  Art in Public Places—answer No.

o  Description—Enter the location where your photo was taken? (e.g., town, water body, park, etc.)






You retain the rights to your images. By submitting a photograph, you acknowledge that you are the sole owner of the photograph,and you permit the Warehouse Community Arts Center to use your photograph in the Center’s publications, website, press releases, social media, advertising, displays, educational materials, and other marketing and fundraisers. You also verify that the photograph you submit is your own, was taken within a 50-mile radius of Eagle River, WI, and has not been stolen or plagiarized. The Warehouse Community Arts Center retains the right to disqualify any entry deemed inappropriate, of insufficient quality, or outside the scope of the contest categories.

All images submitted to the contest must have been taken within a 50 mile radius from the Warehouse Community Arts Center in Eagle River, Wi.